Seminars, Workshops, and Visiting Masters

Chen Taijiquan is one of the most traditional of China's martial systems with an unbroken history of almost 400 years. Our school was set up with the mission of promoting Taijiquan as practised in its birthplace Chenjiagou. This year our school has an extensive program of seminars, including several overseas.

If you want to deepen your understanding of Chen Taijiquan, then keep the following dates free in your diaries!

2018 Workshops in the UK

Workshops are held at Croft Memorial Hall, Mustard Lane, Croft, Cheshire WA3 7DS WA3 7DS or (where indicated) the Birchwood Leisure and Tennis Complex Birchwood Leisiure and Tennis Complex, WA3 7PQ

28th January
Pre-grading workshop (Birchwood)
11th February
Single Sabre (Birchwood)
25th February
Pre-grading workshop
25th March
Pre-grading workshop
29th April
Xinjia Yilu parts 1/2
24th June
Xinjia Yilu Parts 3/4
29th July
Spear Form Part 1 - Basic training and first half of the form
30th September
Spear Form part 2
28th October
Tuishou Methods & Taiji Bang
11th November
Daoyin Tuna (Taiji Qigong) & Laojia Yilu
25th November
Single Sword part 1
16th December
Single sword part 2
Venues / subjects may change depending on availability of rooms suitable for weapons forms. Please watch for updates on Facebook!

Chen Ziqiang

Chen Ziqiang 陈自强

9th - 13th May

Chen Ziqiang is the Chief Coach of the Chenjiagou Taijiquan School in Chenjiagou. As well as being a multiple national champion of China, he has coached many of his students to regional and national tournament success in China. This is a fantastic opportunity for in-depth training with one of the foremost 20th generation teachers of Chen Taijiquan.

This year training will cover the Broadsword and Xinjia Yilu.


International Chen Taijiquan Training Camp - Tolmin, Slovenia

14th - 21st August 2018

For the last time in Europe, Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing will be leading 6 days of in-depth training of the Chen 83 New Frame First Routine. He will be assisted by his son Chen Ziqiang who will also be teaching push hands (optional) each day. Tolmin, Slovenia

Email to book or for further details.

David teaching

Other Seminars

David and Davidine regularly travel far afield to teach in affiliated schools.

  • April 6-9 - Ljubljana, Slovenia. Contact Biljana Dušić / Dragan Lazarevic (+386 40 169 289)
  • April 21-22 - Bergen, Norway. Contact Øystein Alsaker (+47 975 86 635)
  • Nov 29 - December 2 - San Diego, USA Taoist Sanctuary of San Diego Contact Bill/Allison Helm (619-692-1155)

Please contact us for more information should you be interested in attending any of these seminars.

Further details will be posted in school newsletters and on Facebook, and in Google Calendar (
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For details please contact:
David/Davidine Tel: 01925 767597 or 07703 458801/0771 2616920